onePlus 7 update OS oxygen 9.5.5

oneplus 7 updates: Oxygen OS 9.5.5

The camera gets good updates, general bugs get fixed and improved.

oneplus 7 updates

The latest phone by the company onePlus is onePlus 7 This latest phone is doing great all over the world. The onePlus is known for his tagline "NEVER SETTLE" which is quite suitable for this company. As the tagline depicts, this company always work on upcoming phones and even on its previously released phones. 

The user of onePlus always experienced new features and updates for their phones by the company. The bugs of the phone get fixed frequently by Oxygen updates i.e. operating system updates. After launching the phone onePlus 7 previous month, this month onePlus 7 getting its first operating system updates as Oxygen OS 9.5.5.

In this operating system, many bugs get fixed and improved. Android security patch gets an update to  Android security patch to 2019.05 which is the latest version provided by the company onePlus.

By updating to this oxygen updates 9.5.5 the camera gets real improvements. contrast and stability like things of the camera get improved by a good factor.

The performance of the camera of the latest onePlus 7 gets enhanced in terms of clarity and brightness in nightscape mode.

The updates which are shown on the official website of onePlus:



• Updated Android security patch to 2019.05
• General bug fixes and improvements


• Improved overall contrast and colour performance
• Improved accuracy and stability of autofocusing
• Improved clarity and colour of Nightscape
• Improved brightness and clarity in extreme low light scene of Nightscape

OnePlus 7 Oxygen update Download

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