OnePlus 7 Pro gets update to increase camera performance

onePlus 7 Pro update: After getting software updates the image's noise gets reduced and the zooming clarity of the camera increases.

onePlus 7 Pro camera updates

onePlus chose the appropriate tag line for its the company "Never settle". The company never settle even after launching of its phones. This is the most important aspect of the company which I love.
onePlus Never Settle in terms of software updates and hardware updates. The company is frequent in giving updates for the camera, OS. And The onePlus latest phones have many such things, which are getting updates regularly from the company.

After getting updates of OS as OS 9.5.8 in oneplus 7 Pro the performance of the camera increases in many factors.

  • Snappier or sharp 
  • Speed boost during image processing
  • Colour handling gets better.
  • Better image quality even in low light and Nightscape mode.
  • Green tint issues are solved( Before updates there is a visible green tint in low light which is now cured)
  • The low light game gets better.
  • The noise of zoomed images get reduced

This is the latest phone of onePlus oneplus 7 Pro, it's camera is used for the posters of Netflix's show

Sacred Games and for the photography of National Geographic. The camera level of this phone in terms of image quality is of another level. You can believe this statement by seeing the photographs which are captured by the National Geographic team.

Also keep in mind, that photos were taken before the phone gets the software update by the company.
Now, imagine the image quality of the images which will be taken by the new updated onePlus 7 Pro.

Now, the company must be appreciated for its good combination of software and hardware. The pop-up thing for the selfie camera and the face unlock is very defined and smooth.

The thing is the camera gets the real update by updating the software Oxygen as OS9.5.8. It's a triple camera set-up as 48MP Sony OMX586 Sensor, an 8MP telephoto lens and a 13 MP wide-angle lens.
A 16MP  pop-up selfie camera is working fine with its Qualcomm 855.

This device comes with three variants of RAM (6,8,12 GB) 

Changes which will appear after updates:


  • Optimized touch sensitivity for the screen
  • Optimized compatibility for third-party Type-C headphones
  • Updated Android security patch to 2019.05
  • General bug fixes and improvements


  • Improved audio quality


  • Fixed issue with the pop-up camera opening for an incoming video call while the screen is off or locked.

Comment your opinion,  what should be updated in Latest Oneplus 7 PRO and onePlus 7.

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