Asus zenfone 6 as Asus 6z

Asus zenfone 6 as Asus 6z: Latest news

asus 6z

Asus zenfone 6 is now supposed to come in the Indian market as Asus 6z. The company Asus will be not able to launch any phone under the branding name of zenfone. Due to the Trademark issue between the company Telecare and Asus.

Zen" is the keyword which leads to complication between both companies. The trademarked keyword is  "Zen" which leads to banning the Zenfone branding by the company Asus.

So, Asus left with only two options 1st: to abort the mission of launching and 2nd:  launch the phone under different branding. The company chose the second option wisely and change the zenfone 6 to 6z.

Indian's leading e-commerce website Flipkart show the Asus zenfone 6 as Asus 6z and says it will be launched on 16 June 2019.

The next court hearing is on the 10th of July. Let's wait and watch what happens next.

Asus latest "Asus 6Z" is going to launch on the 19th of June and the event will be attended by Asus Chairman Jonney Shih.

Asus 6Z updates : Fota updates, Enhanced Zoom feature of the camera

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