Asus zenfone banned in india

Asus zenfone banned in India for 8 weeks starting from 28th May 2019.

zenfone banned in india

Today's world is very complicated in terms of Intellectual property rights "IPR". If you are in business then you have to know some terms of the "IPR". If you don't know then you may lose your business in a court. 

These complications lead to ban the Asus phone which comes under the branding of zenfone due to the case filed by the Indian company "Telecare Network India Private Limited ". The ban is implemented by the Delhi high court on the sales and promotion of   "Zen and zenfone" trademarked devices in India on Taiwanese company ASUS

"Zen" is the keyword which leads to complication between both companies. The trademarked keyword is  "Zen" which leads to banning the Zenfone branding by the company Asus.

Telecare network company registered the word "Jane" and "Gencomobile" for Trademark Under Trade Acts of 1999,  under which the company can sell mobiles, tablets, smartphones under this name.

But in 2014 Asus introduced the zenfone branding for its own company as Asus Zenfone. Due to which telecare network filed a lawsuit against Asus accusing it of adopting a similar trademark. According to the company telecare, the word "zenfone" creating confusion in the consumers of mind due to similar pronunciation.

While Asus is defending himself by saying that he named the Genfon series on the basis of ancient jane philosophy.

After hearing both sides the high court admitted that Asus has used the Jen trademark in fraud.

The company said that the officials of the Asus are in touch with the Delhi high court to solve the Zen mobile and Trademark lawsuits.

And the company also stated that there is not cut in the supply of the phone and tablets under the zenfone branding.

Maybe the next hearing will be on 10th July.

Asus latest "Asus 6Z" is going to launch on the 19th of June and the event will be attended by Asus Chairman Jonney Shih.

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